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ERP Solutions

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World-Class ERP Solutions for Better Business Performance


ERP or enterprise resource planning is business management software that enables a company to make use of integrated applications for managing its business. This ERP software consists of all aspects of an operation, together with product planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing processes. At OnlineTekSupport, we offer a wide range of bespoke ERP solutions for college, universities & businesses to help you run your business smoothly. Our customized ERP solutions include EPS and Oracle Cloud, which help you synchronise the economic and manufacturing procedures on which you business relies.

OnlineTekSupport plans and implemented strong ERP software solutions for almost all industries together with domestic (vertical market) and international clients. We pay attention on our exceptional blend of invovative thoughts, logical approach, and problem-solving skills on fulfilling our client's expectations. Due to our precision with purpose, dedication to striving nature for utmost excellence, and sharp professional skill sets, we are ready to serve our customers with outstanding ERP solutions that are functionally advanced and fully associated with our client's strategic focus.


From A to Z Mangement With Our ERP Solution

Now manage each and every resources with our ERP Software .

Accounts Management- Helps you manage inflow and outflow of funds.

Reports Management- Get you generate customised reports

HR Management- makes it easy to manage top to bottom level HR management.

Inventory Management- Let you informed about stock, inventory, blling etc.

Content Management- content and design work together to highlight the message of the site.

Payroll Management- Let you have complete control over payroll system

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